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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stronger or just a FLIRT

Yes, I'm a Flirt, i enjoy hooking up and grabbing some attentions from my guys... maybe because i'm fed up of being serious in a relationship.

"Some" of my X and "Some" Guys i just met finds me too reserve... boring... less aggresive.. dull..., given the fact that i gave my whole heart in any relationship i've been through.

Now, I'm much more comfortable with my self, I'm more aggresive now, sometimes kinky (Woohoo!), I enjoy meeting new people and i love going with them.

I don't know if I am now an empowered person or just enjoying flirting, for now, i'm not fancying a serious relatioship... i would probably enjoy more hooking up with a hottie.

Nadarapa't Nabangon

May mga bagay na kahit anung ating gawin ay napakahirap unawain.

Dumadating tayo sa punto ng ating buhay na kung saan tayo ay nadarapa at bumabangaon rin,
ngunit kung minsan ay palagi tayong nadarapa dahil lamang sa iisang pag kakamali,
tayo ay paulit ulit nasasaktan, ngunit tila di tayo natututo.

Hindi ko mawari kung bakit ito nauulit, marahil ba sa kadahilanang atin itong kinasanayan na at tila manhid na?

Ngunit bakit parin tayo nasasaktan?

Posible na matigas lamang ang ating ulo?

Ngunit hindi ba mapagtanto ng ating pag iisip na kalauna'y masasaktan ulit tayo?

Ngunit sa kabila ng sakit tayo ay bumabangon parin... bumabangon para madapa ulit?

Sunday, February 25, 2007


i'm feeling so down now because

* the graduation is near but i am not yet qualified for graduation because i still need to take 3 subjects.

* there is a Guy whom i fell for already but because of my impulsive actions and with sarcastic people that surrounds me, he is gone forever...

* this summer i'm going to take up 2 accounting subjects

* i misses my close friends (u know hu u r)

* i'm surronded with trash

* i'm taking my diet pills w/ depressant as a side effect!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Top 12 Senatorial Candidate

in no particular order, here are the list of the 2007 senatorial candidates whom i believe worthy of a senate seat

01. Reelectionist Senator Joker Arroyo
02. Bukidnon Congressman Miguel Zubiri
03. Surigao del Sur Congressman Prospero Pichay
04. Presidential Chief of Staff Michael Defensor
05. Former Senator Loren Legarda
06. Sorsogon Congressman. Francis “Chiz” Escudero
07. Taguig-Pateros Congressman Alan Peter Cayetano
08. Sonia Roco (widow of the late Sen. Raul Roco)
09. Atty. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III (son of Sen. Nene Pimentel)
10. Tarlac Congressman Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino
11. Senator Francis N. Pangilinan
12. Reelectionist Senator Ralph Recto

originally posted last February 20, 2007

Valentines Day... I'm Not a Fan...

Valentines Day... I'm Not a Fan..., well it's not that i don't know how to love, i don't love anyone and nobody loves me. it's just that for me, it is a simple day but what makes me feel sick about it is, y wait for valentines day to date or go out with someone u like, y wear red?! i'm not against to those who do those things, but for some... why wait for that day to do some nice and sweet stuffs for the person you like.

Originally Posted last February 17, 2007


Hey pipol!, what's wrong with you?! or should i say us?! (oops!) SEX is used to be for married pipol, as time goes by, even for not married, fyn! but now? damn! in every corner i went i always hear pipol talking about he/she got sex with someone. Lovers, Friends and even just a newly Acquinted persons had sex with each other!?! ano to?! casualan na?! FUCK!

Originally posted last February 16, 2007

Not So Blind Item - The 3rd Wheel

Not So Blind Item - The 3rd Wheel

Well well well... here i am again, giving you some juicy and intriguing blind items.

for the 3rd edition of my Not so blind item i decided to use 3rd wheel as a subtitle, y? coz the following persons has so called "love life" already and some are to believed that was taken already but not proven yet. but there are things that are really... uncontrolable... unexpected and unbelievable.

Notification: if you know the answer, discreetion is higly recommended for things here are very serious w/c can cause a total damage to a relationship, friendship and identity of the person.

+ my frontline for this issue is a person which you never thought of being an opportunist or taking advantage on a situation. this person tried to kiss someone whom believe to be drunk, but actually just tipsy, meaning still aware of the situation, addition to it is this person tried to touch or should i say touched some parts of the body of the poor victim by pretending of goofing around, for the record of this person, long time ago the person i'm talking about tried to touch also a body part of a friend w/c thought of sleeping already but actually aware of what's happening but afraid to do something. i don't want to say anything furthermore, superboink might get mad and get even with me.

+This next person has a love life already, but in an incident that everyone is almost drunk, this person took advantage to another person w/c also have a lovelife, the drunk victim was harrassed by this person by kissing torridly and occationally touching some parts of the body. but take note of this, this person is not actually drunk, well, actualy drunk a little amount of alcohol but not under of influence of it, meaning this person is totally has undercontrol of everything. further words might cause me to be a writer in asian treasures.

+ The finale for this edition is a person whom we will all agree to be a nice, caring, friendly and affectionate friend. BUT one look you might see an ordinary person, second look you might considering a friendship, third look you might expecting something more and the forth look you might be lying on a bed. only refined people could resist from the temptation brought by this person, might not be good looking but definitly has a strong sex appeal. eyes can magnet you, i'd rather buy a new eyewear as a protection.


Originally Posted Last February 17, 2007

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Not So Blind Item 1&2

I had my EPP class this day at DLSU-D, i'm so happy to see some old "TRUE" friends and ofcourse "PLASTIKS". I've been away from school for about more than a month, some change... some did not.
Many would agree that i was known to be a very straight talking person, "matalas ang dila" as they say. addition to it was (most of you would agree) "malakas ang radar".
so... i wanna share something to you guys!
heres some of NOT SO Blind Items i wanna share
(any write ups here are collaboration of my own and others experiences with the persons)
+ who is this person known for being intelligent, possesing good looks and has a strong convincing power, behind those good characterisitics was this person is also known for being a social climber, if you're not rich you can still be friends but if you rich (specially with cars) "DUDE, close na kayo!"
+ for me this person is the most plastik of all! this person creates stories just to make somethinbg for fun, to talk about and to be known or to be so called "in", this fag talk nice things in front of you but behind of you... hell is waiting for you! "you can pull an answer from a ghost"
+ this person talks about everything under the sun... well... everything even if its not true anymore... "if this person says something bad about you you can cry a river"
more coming in my next postings...

Original Date Posted: January 13, 2007


if you have guessed the person in my first blind items, well... i guess... you agreed with what i've wrote... the least or should i say no correct guess was the 3rd right?!
HINT for 3rd person in my previous blind item - if you had cried a river coz u haven't guessed it yet atleast the last name, talk to an angel and ask him for the first name...
Whose this person that is very "hindi makabasag pinggan image" well... maybe yes but inside of this person is a Big Fat Liar! this one maybe nice but in times of "kaprichuhan hunger", no friends can stand in the way, keep your things out or else it will be owned by this person... i think you know this person already.... so i don't need to reserve a space for a hint for my next posting.
+ speaking of Liar, this next person is somehow simillar to the first one, "hindi makabasag pingan image" is the same scenario of this person, add to it the Pa-Hero attitude, well... intelligence might be an asset but with this person... hell... you'll going to pay for an utang na loob if you ask for this person's help in a way that this person tell the others the you didn't do anything at all in doing some of youre work, but the person volunteered to do it by own. if you dont have any clue... you suck! eat some honey and dream in paradise!
+ this posting is full of liars, the last person for the day is The Queen bee, beautiful and intelligent, but if you block the way for the sweet succes, aint now friend can stand for she will stung you so hard! sure you will fly to a European country because of pain, you can even ask a radio station for confirmation!
until next time!

Original Date Posted: January 26, 2007

My Life as a practicumer

I used to think that having a career in food industry is very sophisticated, but now... i'm pretty damn WRONG! it's a complete opposite, and it is just for my own opinion... some might ask why i said so... welll... having a 11hours duty, having minimum of 300 guest per meal (i'm attending breakfast and lunch, sometimes up to dinner), i look and feel so wasted and dragged! but i feel happy though, why????! coz i like what i'm doing, it's just that i should accept that if i wanted to exist on this field of my choice, i should learn to forget my life, what i mean is, i should accept that in this work, my world will be just house-work-house, any addition to it... i should be physically prepared to it!!! now... i can't visit my dermatologist and dentist... so sad... poor me! i can't even buy new clothes... i'd rather sleep than go to mall and shop... but if ever i'm gonna be used to my work routine, time won't be problem anymore... i'm still adjusting anyway.

original date posted: December 29, 2006

Follow Ups...

I'm gonna post some of my write ups from my friendster blog for the follow ups and updaates here at my blogger

New Blogger

Blogger introduced it's new look too long ago already, but it is just now i've decided to update my blog. hope things here are much easier.

New Blogger

Blogger introduced it's new look too long ago already, but it is just now i've decided to update my blog. hope things here are much easier.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


i feel so dirty, i don't know who i am already because of what i'm doing and thingking already.


call me a flirt, but what can i do?, it is so hard to wage a battle against your feelings and emotions.

yes, i am dying for an affection, it's not that i haven't been loved or what so ever, but i'm weak against affectionate and caring guys.

yes, i'm doing this to forget someone and yet, i simply like this other guy coz of his whole personality.

but the problem is, he is straight and he is a filthy and horny guy.

i can't say i fell for him already but, i like him, i'm sure about it.

I may look like a flirt already because i'm jumping from one man to another to forget someone... but JUDGE ME, it's all i can say.

No hard feelings, i understand.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Politika... ito na marahil ang isa sa mga katagang aking palagiang pinagdududahan.

Mula ng ako'y musmos pa lang, hanggang sa ngayong nag kamalay na, tila hindi ko parin batid ang tunay na ibig sabihin ng politika.

May mga bagay na hanggang ngayon ay hindi maarok ng aking pag iisip... hindi ako tanga, ang politika ay importante sa ating pamumuhay, ito ang nagbibigay ng kabuuan sa istaktura ng pamamalakad o pagpapatakbo ng ating bansa.

ngunit, tila sa sobrang pagiging sakim, gahaman at ganid ng mga mahihinang tao, ginagamit nila ito upang makuha ang kanilang kagustuhan sapagkat ang nais nila ay kapangyarihan.

sa panahon ngayon, sobrang dumi ng politika sa ating bansa, kung hindi dinudungisan ang pagkatao ng mga bawat politiko, dugo ang siyang siguradong dadanak kapag hindi makuha ang posisyong pinakaasam asam.

ngayong nasa kolehiyo ako, oo, walang dungisan ng pangalan at lalo ng walang dugong dadanak, pero... dahil sa politika may mga pag kaka ibigang nawawasak, oo nga't may nabubuo rin, pero hanggang kailan tatagal? samu't saring pananaw, samu't saring pahayag, samu't saring tao... kung ang layunin ay tanging kabutihan... bakit kailangan isa alang alang ang pag kakaibigan? ang samahan? ang pinag daanan?

bawat paksyon ay may punto, may roon ding itinatagong pansariling naisin.

oo, ang naiis natin ay isang maayos na goberno at yoon din ang layunin ng bawat isang kandidato, maayos na pamamalakad, ngunit, isang kasinungalingan kung ang bawa't isa ay di nag hangad ng pansarili.

Pare pareho lang ang bawat politiko, ang pag kakaiba lang ay sa bigat at laki ng pag hahangad.

sa aking sinulat ay wala akong pinasasaringan o gustong awayin, kayo na ang humusga kung ako ay may kinikilingan o nagkakamali sa aking mga ipinahayag.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Past & Present - Brother & Lover

what would you think, feel and do if your in the situation of you're present bf was the younger brother of you're x-bf, and yet, they both don't know the connection you have just made... will tell them? or not?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fell and Failed, Friends Forever!

Here I am, back on my usual postings... aside from hatred, LOVE. Why do i always fall for the right person but he is not into me..., it's so sad to think that everytime i fell for a NICE guy... it's just that... they are the straight ones.

I really like this guy in Sofitel Philippine Plaza, but of course i wont drop some name here... He is so nice (everyone who knows him would agree), his cute (an eye candy for sure, specially when he smiles) and lastly he has a plan for his and his family's life (hope that he will be able to reach it). It's just that... he is a straight one (good for u girls!).

Well... i fell for him already... as in!

but... of course he is not into same sex relationship, w/c i understand

but i am still happy coz we are still friends....