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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


i'm very thankful to jupert and ms. dred, atleast nakapg labas ako ng sama ng loob, though merun pa, atleast nabawasan. it's a big thing for me!

words of wisdom

Words of Wisdom
"The person who never made a mistake never made anything." – Les Smith
"A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes." – Hugh Downs
"The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital." – Joe Paterno, football coach
"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." – James Matthew Barrie
"The church has been likened to a football game in which thousands of spectators desperately in need of exercise are watching a handful of players desperately in need of rest. Are you a spectator or a player?" – Unknown
"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." – Abraham Lincoln
"I know the price of success; dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen." – Frank Lloyd Wright

i just hope...

God knows what i'm going through right now, iknow he gave me strength to face this, i know thathe won't let me feel this way if he knew i can'tsurvive this problem of mine, but, i just hope... icould talk to someone i can, i mean... the people iused to confide my problems are too busy..., i'venothing against that... i understand that they havelife, i also know that if i would just drop a call or txtthem, not less than a minute, they will respondbut... i know that they have lots of problemalready. people around me now... sigh... people itrust... i feel comfortable talking with... damn... i'mso dissapointed to know that... they're just one ofthose people who says they understand me... welli guess they do, but behind my back, they uses itto find loop holes to my actions, every flaws, dirtand mistakes i have done... they're using it againtsme... simply because... they don't know me thatmuch... i know i' m not an Angel... but God knowswhat i'm doing purposely and not, i know i'm not amonster as well... i maybe mean, talkless andharsh but i'm no EVIL! i'm so dissapointed to knowthat the people left which i thought whounderstands and knows me... are just one of mydetractors and critics, sigh... if only... i just.... it'sall i can say, wala na akong malabasan ngproblema..., people i trust... ayoko ng dsumag dagsa problem nyo, sa mga nasa paligid ko, how can itell you my problem if you don't know me... howcan you understand? i just hope... i could talk tosomeone, i'm such a tear jerker, but now... i feelthat my eyes are to tired of crying... ALONE, i'mnot trying to get sympathy here, i just don't knowwhere to release my problem... i can't talk to myfamily, i have to be strong for them, they're gettingtheir strength from me as well... but i'm just ahuman, i'm not God nor a Superhero that can do amiracle, please if you are reading this right now, ifyoure just gonna reply something nonsense, makefun out of this or just simply can't say anythinggood, please, don't even bother say/ type a singleword! or i'm gonna jab the hell out of your ass, i'mnot joking this time... please

Sunday, August 27, 2006


why do i always fell in love with guys that either can't protect me, defend me, be proud of our relationship or too possesive, hold me tight, seloso... darn! why is it so extreme?!? will the one who can be maginoo pero medyo bastos will still come and love me? a ewan!


after how many weeks, nakatulog din ako ng more than 5hrs!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Advance Halloween Party!


Pic.1 - Yang, Me and Macy, Pic.2 - Me and Othan, Pic.3 - Me and Jei, Pic.4 - Kevin, Pic.5 - Ric and Mik, Pic.6 - Tin, Chrizelle and Karen, Pic. 7 - FRANKIE!

HoT StuFF!

buhay eskwela!

before, i used to see lots of different peoples, individuals... groups..., as in several of them! may mga bibobibuhan..., bobobobohan as well..., kikays (mwahuggs!), rocker-rockeran, bitches, mga sosyal..., sosyal climber naman yung iba, epals, outkasts, the "in" and lots more, pero ngaung sem... i guess nahati sa 3! correct me if i'm wrong! 1. Maskipop - sila yung come what may, basta mag ka grade lang tapos..., 2. Hurado - etong mga to yung puro salita, di naman nakakatulong, angal ng angal, e bakit di na lang sila ang gumawa, sila pa ang nauunang umangal sa trabaho o gawa ng iba, sila rin yung salita ng salita sa likod ng mga gumagawa, pag oras ng pag pplano... playing safe! ayaw masisi, ayaw mga kamali... AYAW MABIKTIMA SA PANINIRA NILA, kaya pag nagkamali sila na ang magaling at anak ng diyos kung makapag salita pero pag maganda resulta, nakikisawsaw! 3. Makabagong Boluntaryo - these peeps are those who takes the responsibilities... as always, oo, walang perpektong tao, nagkakamali rin lahat, sila yung umaako ng gawain dahil, kung di sila, sino? pero what do they get in return? scrutiny? criticization?, well, lucky if they make something good, kasama sa benefit ang iba, pero pag nag kamali, behind there back sasabihin ng iba "e di ba dapat..." e bakit ganon?", "hindi dapat ganun", "bakit sya?" and so on, e kung ganun... bakit di kayo ang umako? PURO KAYO ANGAL, WALA NAMAN KAYONG GINAGAWA! alam nyo na nga na madalas mag kamali hindi nyo pa tulungan, kokontrahin nyo pa verbally at pag talikod, sasaksakin nyo pa, the most funny thing here is yung hindi pa nila expected na tao ang sisira sa kanila, e kung alam nyo ngang palpak bakit di kayo ang gumawa, sasabihin nyo dapat dapat dapt, e dapat wag kayo puro angal,kayo kaya nga di nyo kayang umako ng responsibility kasi alam nyo mangyayari sa inyo pag nagkamali kayo, gawain nyo e! pero yung iba, they volunteer for personal gain

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

oh my

i'm not feeling well today... i feel sick... i think a wanna faint

matanda na tayo. umayos na tayo. - from Thea's Blog

hai... totoo, tumatanda na tayo. dati, ang pinagaawayan natin, bakit hindi na sumasama si ganito satin? bakit hindi tayo pinansin ni ganito? bakit epal sa usapan si ganito? ngayon, ibang iba na. nagaaway away dahil apparently, hindi responsable si ganito. nakakasakal si ganito. hindi pa nauuntog sa katotohanan si ganito. selfish si ganito at hindi niya naiisip na ang mga ginagawa niya ay nakakaapekto sa mga tao sa paligid nya. ibang lebel na ang mga problema natin. nararamdaman ko na tumatanda na tayo. ang tanong: tumatanda ba tayo ng tama? sa tingin mo?

Thea -->

My Opinion:

<--Thea and Me

well... simple lang yan, why let others affect you, i know it's easy to say but it's hard to do, but sometimes we always blame others for our sadness and we let other to be the source of our joy, isn't it about time that we as you say "tumatanda na" should be mature enough to realize that we as individual are solely responsible for everything that happens to us, and we are the one who puts emotion to every action we do... correct me if i'm wrong but, it's up to you...! if others can't realize that, let them be, the most important thing is YOU, how will you understand their childish or stupid acts if your not mature enough to be understanding, patient and wide thinker! umpog mo sa pader ulo ko if i don't make sense here, why depend our life to others, true it is that no man is an island, but in that case... it is his/her choice to be alone! i mean giving priority to you own decision and instinct doesn't mean you won't need others, it's ok to listen to others but giving them the whole acces to your way of thinking is unfair to you!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I've got ne phone

yup yup yup, after the stupidity in tricycle, i bought a ne phone Motorola RAZR V3X, my number is still the same, since i'm using a line, i retained it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

karma vs pam pa lubag loob

here's the scenario, yesterday i went to school ng commute, but nakalimutan akong iwanan ng money for transpo so with out permission i get some money from my mom's closet, and after that, the usual thing, i took tricycle from our subd. to OP, but malapit na ako bumaba ng ma realize ko na i left the letter for SWAFO so that i will not be suspended for not attending my duty hours, pag dating ng OP i immediately took a tricycle back to house, take note ha extra pa yon! tatawag sana ako sa house para mag pa bukas ng gate para mas mabilis like before, so nilabas ko cellphone ko, pero naisip ko baka nag lalaba na si aling landa sa likod, so nilagay ko na lang sa pocket ko yung phone, but along the way checked my phone for messages, pag dating ko sa house pinaantay ko yung tricycle then hinanap ko pa yung key ko para gate, pag akyat ko sa room na dala ko yung key at lock, i put everything na dala dala ko sa bed including my bag and the plastik bag with bread, hinanap ko pa kasi yung letter, but nung nakita ko xia, i rushed back to the tricycle, tapos nag pahatid ako pabalik sa OP, he charged me P70, ok fine, nag mamadali ako kasi baka malate ako,pag sakay ko ng jeep papuntang terminal i'm going to check my phone sana kaso wala siya, e hindi na ko makakabalik sa house, without my cell tumuloy na ko sa terminal ng van papuntang school, pag dating ko sa school, i'm surprised na wala pala kaming class! nag reco yung mga classmates ko, so i decided to go to SWAFO office to give the letter, sabi sa akin t-txt na lang ako for the result to cut the whole thing happend to me to school, pag uwi ko, HERE's THE CATCH: WALA ANG CELLPHONE KO SA BED, i looked for it pero wala talaga... i remember na pag baba ko sa tricycle pag dating sa house e may nahulog but di ko nakita kung ano, well.. i went back sa pila ng tricycle pero wala dun yung nasakyan ko.. poor me! it's like the 7th or 8th cellphone that i lost(but most of it are ninakaw ni Maggie Dela Riva Story! LOL! A.K.A. Onion Juice and Parmesan Cheese!) ok heres the next thing kanina pag punta ko sa SWAFO to say that i wasn't able to receive the txt message kasi nga un... but ok ... Sr. Mar decided not to suspend me because i have a good and true reason... instead tuloy ang 9hours office work ko, no more no less... well less coz my cellphone is gone huhuhu but hurrah! duh?!?!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thanks To:

I would like to thanx every people who remembered my birthday especially those who celebrated with me in vista boungainvilla; Carl, Darryl, Dave, Donna, Espie, Gloann, Jayson, Joanne, Jupert, Kevin, Leo, Maan, Mich, Nelo, Ronnel, Tomy, Yang and Zedek, thank you guys! it was an unforgettable birthday for me! thanks for spending your time with me! Love Yah All!

It's a Gift!

Whew! Thank God the function for our catering class ended in a nice way, as many of you know the problems in the previous function, kaya we make sure na it will not happen ulit, anyway, though things in the kitchen is a little bit un organize that suppposed i was to handle as an executive chef, i'm still happy that my classmates enjoyed and was satisfied to the foods we served and especially that there are lots of excess food but didn't cost us so much, infact i can sa it is a tubong lugaw! i was also happy that the dining people work so hard and they're effort manifest as the program ended smoothly; back in the kitchen, though we save big money to compensate to the loss we had last time, there is something wrong happened, but though something is missing again... we actually didn't get mad or angry, instead we were laughfing because being rob out of money, cellphones and any other valuable things is given! but being rob out of cheese... duh! daga? and also i was relieve becasue my name is cleared of being accuser because the consecutive incidents of theft cleared out and explains everything! well enough of that issue! anyway i'm still happy with the function! and i'm considering it as a gift!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

August 12, 2006

Today is my 20th Birthday; as my age shows i'm not a teen anymore, but a young adult, as another year was added to my life, i'm very thankful to God for all the blessings he gave me.

Now at 20; i will try to do my best to grow up, mentally and emotionaly.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Last Hours

last hours of being so called "teen", well... arghh! gonna post something on sunday na lang... mixed emotions! LOL

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


VISTA BOUNGAIVILLA, BRNGY. BILUSO, SILANG, CAVITE, may swimming pool, videoke, billiard and rooms don, so if you want to swim bring your swim wear, small gathering lang siya with some people within our college,i'm sorry but please don't expect many foods, but of course meron naman, but kung carry nyo, PLEASE BRING SOMETHING TO SHARE, yah know, medyo tight ang budget ng lola nyo e. sa Silang Cavite siya..., from robinson dasma, diretso lang to your right side look for kaong lumber and gloann's bulalohan/restaurant (yung and land mark nyo) before gloann's my way sya, pasok kayo dun, straight ahead, may pataas may pababa, parang walang katapusan, pero may makikita kayong pa right side na way sa dulo, liko kayo, diretso lang, malayo ulit, dapat may makikita kayong public school next dun is basket ball court tapos diretso pa, after nun may kakaliwaan, may makikita kayong pink na house/gate, you can turn right or diretso, AFTER THAT basta look for a (ibang house to) PINK HOUSE WITH WHITE FLOWER DESIGN SA BAKOD, un na yun! or pag di kayo sure ask for the HOUSE OF BARANGAY CAPTAIN OF BILUSO, KASI ONE HOUSE LANG PAGITAN NUN SA LOCATION.


somewhere in my past... just reminiscing...

nakakatawa at nakakakilig...while i was reading some old letters i noticed a message from someone that was year 2002.. it started february, march, april and ..un na.. nkakatawa lng kasi parang WOW! eto na ata iyon..it may sound so corny but come to think of it (it sounds real and very true) i suppose it was real though..alam mo ung para kayong bata na may quote pa " I cant get you off my head"..("Im always thinking of u very minute')..may mga tawagan pa kayo na code..at first it is wonderland for both but as u go along HAUNTED na...sympreas u age, u change, u grow, u mature, u look for someone whom u might get involved with,,sometimes u thought of happy moments pero that doesnt count at all., people tend to be stagnant like me i guess... i was stagnant..immature, childish, often mistaken to have low eq,weak, no decision and basically no change at all...after realizing it i defenitely learned from the past..u couldnt blame anybody or somebody, its aa decision. u took it as a challenge and no way of going back from yesterday..i must agree to some..no regrets, no anger, but just happy times and thank for the memories you both had.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Try To Think About This!

Lets always remember that sometimes we justhave to stop pushing ourselves to love or to beloved by someone you really really love.
Sometimes we just have to be alone to be able tothink about with wat we really want in life, to beable to realize what or who will really make ushappy.
Sometimes it is only when we start lovingourselves that we are able to able to realize thatreal and lasting happiness starts from with inourselves and becomes even more complete whenwe share it with someone who truly loves us..

Sunday, August 06, 2006


ok... this prelim, i got 46 sa managerial accounting, i'm having a second thought if i'm going to continue it, i have 1 week na lang to decide kung i d-drop ko siya... sigh...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Catering Sh*t!

I don't want to accuse anyone, but... P1,000+ is gone for good! dude! it's a big money for a student who have lots of expenses. why is it computations are not accurate... why is it the computations of those who handled the money is different from each other? why blame the function manager that gave you excess money..., F*ck! it's a lame excuse! why keep on saying you receive enough money while many people can prove that you receive more than what you need.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Hey! I Need Your Help!




Catering Management

Some sugestion i want to make in our Catering Class

an Auditor mus be appointed in every function.
  • the Auditor must coordinate with the professor, function manager and the head of kitchen
  • the Auditor is required do some basic accounting
  • the Auditor must file all receipts and attached it in journal
  • the Auditor will also act as a Treasurer who holds the fund
  • the current Auditor must hold the excess money until new Auditor will be appointed
  • the current Auditor must signed the journal stating the cash flow of the event with attached receipts and the figure amount of excess money and the money itself before passing it to the next Auditor. Signature of Subject Professor, Current Function Manager and the Head of Kitchen must be included as well
  • new Audtior must signed the journal ONLY if he/she receives the complete requirement

Items / Ingredients

  • items and ingredients must be bought from the money in the fund
  • items and ingredients bought must have receipts
  • items and ingredients produced personally from household items must not be included in journal if it is out of goodwill/voluntarily, it should not be paid.
  • items and ingredients produced from personal money must have a receipt/s but to Reimburse it, approval from subject professor, fucntion manager and head of kitchen is a must.
  • items and ingredients forced to be bought from personal money and with receipt/s will be reimburse.
  • for stores that does not produce receipts; marketer should have let the vendor singed a paper with the store name, item name, amount and quantity of the item.


  • open communication is a must
  • decision to be made should be console to the whole group before implementing even with the approval of proffesor and regardless of majority wins rule, every one is entitled for their opinion
  • cooperation is a must, this is a work for a group not only for those in position and willing to help

Ano ba mga Ate, Kuya?

ok... fine... it's final na daw na ang tour namin ay sa Bora, but... yung mga taong gusto ko kasama... hindi sasama, gusto ko tumuloy ng bora but di ko maeenjoy without the people i want to tag along, but di rin me mag eenjoy sa puerto though i'm going to be with my friends... the place... imean i've been there... parang wala ng excitement... arghh! arte ko noh!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


well... nitatamad ako this day... actually lagi naman but this day sobra...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Leadership Apex 2006

Leadership Apex 2006

watch out for more pictures in my next postings

JULY 27, 2006 - Lucky Day?

Saan ka man naroroon sinta... pag ibig ko'y wagas... we-we-wait! at anung emote to? asan ba ako? nasa bukid... uhuh... nasa bukid ako... pero bakit?! hmm...

Well... this is our photo nung nasiraan kami ng car papuntang Tanza for our project, villa canal ata name ng place or sounds like that... at a sharp curved part of the road we were almost hit by a revo, but Paul manage to turn the wheel on the other side but unfortunately we hit some hard rocks, so he pulls again the wheel back to the left side, suddenly nakarinig kami ng pumutok, Mich told Paul to pull over so we could check his car for any damages, since the driver of the revo didn't stop to check us out, we decided to stop, pag baba ko yung tires kagad ang tinignan ko... and WHOLA! nawarak lang naman ang gulong ng car sa left side ng front, buti na lang may extra tire si Paul, so he tried to change the tire but obviously his having a hard time because he only have a small jack, i tried to help him, and even Mich and Chrizelle but... girls will be girls... including me... sorry! we already spent more than half an hour before we realize we can't do it by ourselves, some tried to help us but unfortunately they don't have jack, but thank God to a tricycle driver, he volunteered to ask for a help sa kabayanan... well i'm exagerating but in our location that time... dude! ikaw na ang ma stuck sa makitiid na highway na all you can see from left to right is bukid infairness sa back and front yung karugtong ng daan... maybe if we were stuck there ng gabi, we won't dare to step down of the car, parang movie na pag baba mo any moment you will be attacked by a vampire, zombie or monster anyway nung nakarating na yung tutulong sa aamin we felt so relieved... grabe, buti na lang we got what we needed sa Tanza and di kami minarkan ng absent ni m'm Berjamin

Chrizelle, Paul, Macy and Mich

Pa-Hotstuff just to give some laugh that time!

About the Photos...

to all concerned peeps out there...

yung pics nung na siraan tayo ng car sa kabukiran ng kungsaan man

yung pictures nung leadership apex06

medyo matatagalan bago ko xia ma post kasi nag ka virus yung laptop ko and i don't want to transfer my files sa pc ko baka madamay sa virus e...

maybe by next week (hopefully) makapag post na ko!


OMG! F#%$*!

OMG! i can't believe this for 16yrs ko ng nagg aaral, kung kelan graduating tsaka pa ako mag kakaroon ng suspension, OMG talaga! I had several minor offenses and 1 major, but in considered now as 4major, my sunction was 9hours of duty, but due to class suspension because of the typhoon and sa dami ng projects, damn, i wasn't able to report sa D.O..... unfortunately now... i will be suspended for 3days, dude! it would be fine with me if i ain't got nothin to do at all, but i have lots of projects! and it's ok with me kung di malalaman ng parents... sigh! but i have to face it... this is the consequences of being tamad! F#%$*!

QUIET LANG! kung nabasa nyo to... secret lang natin xia! di ko kasi papaalam sa iba kong classmates eh! wakekekek! huhuhu! baliw na ata ako!