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Sunday, October 15, 2006


well... i'm single again, i broke up with Enrico last wednesday.... i'm not sad... and that is something new....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


whew! atlast, i have time to open and post something on my blog again, after milenyo's wrath and a series of several reporting and defense, now comes the aftermath! wahoo... hardship is partially over or almost over i guess... but i'm happy that things are a little bit easier now, (pera usog!) but i'm a little bit nervous for my Quantec and EDP grades, Quantec of course it is a math subject, EDP though it is my forte... duh... if youre having problems with time and prof... God help me with it! anyway... i love the start of the week it is way better than last week!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Such a Kid Thing! or not?

Ok Fine! I made a Promise na before na i will not react on whatever bad rumors the 2 Fags will create about me, oo, it is such a kid thing para patulan ko pa! but, does that mean na i should not defend myself? well... i guess it's too much, for 4years i let Elaine Reserva stole several CP from me and addition to it are the CPs and Moneys of our other classmates, I let Michael Rivero spread numerous bad rumors about me..., i know... you might think it's a make-up stories or a stupid/lame story but that is true, and it is proven by many people...

I won't react this way if they just admits everything, for me "ang kasalanan ay inaamin at hindi pinalalala" but what they are doing now is too much

they created story na i made i rumor daw about Angela Almacin, though i've talked to Anj already, still, she is entitled to so called "benefit of doubt", she have told me that whatever the things she heard is nothing to her... well hopefully

anyway, i won't let them get away with this anymore, if i have to sue them for real, i would!