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Friday, August 17, 2007


I still don’t have a Job after my graduation last May and I’m pretty damn bored already, it’s ironic or a cliché, I guess (weird?!? LOL), to say that I feel like wanting to go back to school while back months ago, all I want is to finish my studies.

Since then I’ve got nothing to do… well… my choice in way (I’m not fond of doing house errands, ok!?!), my allowance was been cut off, obviously why. So I need to keep my remaining money in my wallet, meaning No Night-Outs and No Shopping, but of course, what’s the use of my credit card?! But nah… it’s my last Ace in my pocket, if I used it for no important things… goodbye will be my cry!

Having a Job is an option obviously, I do applied in Mc Donald’s as a Management Trainee (MT), I sent my resume first week of July, I was asked to come to an Initial Interview on the 20th and on the same day I had my medical exam, on the 23rd was my orientation, and I didn’t receive a call back for a week, not until on the night 3rd of August, well… it’s unusual time… what about a job callback at around 7pm??? But anyway, I was asked to get my recommendation letter (I forgot the right term for that letter) from the head office the next day, stated on the letter I am scheduled to have my On the Job Experience (OJE) at Mc Donald’s It Center in Mandaluyong along Edsa on the 6th and 9th of August,

My first day was a big mess, first real job (well not actually a real job… a test of skills I believe) so it is expected… and mind you, it was my lowest point of ego, I feel like I was the most stupid creature in the word, though it was a head ache and not to forget body pain, I still enjoyed it cause I’ve learn new things so on the second day, I used it and I think I did a fair job, the Restaurant Manager even said “Gumagaling na si Sir”, it just boost my spirit up!

Days have passed even my birthday, I’m waiting again for a callback, honestly, I have split feelings to it, part of me says I will not make it for I had a bad start but on the other hand my hope won’t let go for I think I wrapped my last day nicely, fortunately I do received a call, asking me to drop by to have an interview with the Operating Manager and it was last August 14, and after the interview… the last thing I heard was wait for the HR to call if I made it…

I’m hoping but not expecting… I want to have this Job, and I do as well believe that if it is meant for me, it is fro me, so bare with me, Pray For Me! Thanks in Advance!

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