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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Confused... or Indecisive?

I made it to Sofitel... i passed 4 interviews and i'm just waiting for the schedule of orientation.

yesterday, i am surprised that Manila Penninsula called me, Ms. Maita asked me to come to their office today at 4pm.

at first i asked her if we can re-schedule the interview because i have a reco this day, but she replied, she will just set aside my resume, the i just said, "ok, thank you" but after few minutes i called her back and told her i'm will come to the interview.

I'm having a little problem now...

I like Sofitel because....

I already passed the interviews

I made some friends already

I know it is a good Hotel


I'm gonna have problems going there and coming home as well...

It's too far from my home, and i don't know the routes.

I want Manila Penninsula because

Obviously it is one of known hotel

I receive positive feedbacks

the place is accesible

i just really want there..


If i chose Sofitel

for 3 months or less, i'm gonna have difficult time for time travel and a little bit not fulfilled because honestly sofitel is just my second choice next to manila penn it's just that they called me first.

If i chose Manila Penninsula

I don't know what to say to sofitel


what ever i will choose i hope it will not affect me in the future...


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