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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

friend, love... rejected!

friends are part of our life, we can't survive without having any friends at all, as everyone knows "no man is an island".

next to our family are our friends, to others friends come first.

they are the one who makes us laugh when we feel down, we can run to them when we are in trouble, they serve as a shoulder to cry on.

they accept us for who we are, the whole us and vice versa.

because of that, many fell in love with their friends, including me.

a close friend txted me that someone had reminded him of the person that was used to be his friend, and he fall for that friend but it was rejected, then... i remebered my same experience.

risking the friendship that was built from laughs and tears through the time spent together.

not only once but twice, i fell for a friend, not only to a friend... but to a best friend as well.

it is in h.s. whe i first fell for a friend, it was kinda cheesy... (sori) i fell because i think he looks good (back then, not anymore) he is nice, he is smart and skillful, as if a complete package with a bonus pouty lips (hmm... pasulong kang!?! LOL!) like a typical teen who fell in love, i always think of him... dream of him! (eeew!) but i'm aware that he can't love someone like me... cause he is straight and uhmm... a definite bunny! (feeling!) so i i'm not that affected when he rejected my feelings for him, but we stayed friends... but i feel jealous when he has a new girl friend (LOL!) but that was it.

the next time i fell for a friend was now in college... many people knows it, i fell for him because, he is nice... thought he accepts me for who i am and he became my best (ooops! just reminiscing ok!?!) but like the scenario before, i know that he can't love me back, i know where i stand, i don't know what came to my mind the time when i admitted it to him, i don't know where i got the nerve to do it. from that moment on everything changes....

i know i'm responsible to that changes... yes, i did something but he must admit he did something as well... that was past, we both move on to whatever happened next.

i just feel sorry that i wasn't able to rebuild the friendship like it was used to be... i regret it so much... (sigh)


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